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Fishing Oman GT ( Giant Trevally ) weighing over 60 kg caught in south of Oman
Sport fishing in an authentic setting

See how you measure up against Giant Trevallies weighing over 60 kg, prepare your poppers and sharpen your fishing hooks!!!

Shore Fishing Oman : shore fishing on the coast, on the beach of Oman and catch Stingrays and Guitarfish weighing over 100 kg
Come and fish on a white sandy beach

Could you land a Stingray or a Guitarfish weighing over 100 kg, adrenaline and cramps guaranteed!!!

A Grouper weighing over 25 kg caught in the south of Oman by GT Oman Fishing, organization Fishing Charters Oman
Whether alone or in a group, come and experience Extreme fishing for yourself

Jigging is fun, slip on your shoulder harness, put on your gloves and lower your line, what’s keeping you from hoisting up that Grouper!!!

A Caranx ignobilis, or Giant Trevally, or GT weighing more than 50 kg caught in Oman
Your fishing rod at the ready, are you all set for some serious thrills?

Your reel’s locked, your stickbait dips into the water, 2 or 3 bites and then all hell breaks loose, you go head-to-head with over 50 kg of muscle: a Giant Trevally

An Amberjack weighing more than 15 kg caught in Oman by Fishing Southern Oman for a Shore fishing
You study the horizon, prepared for every eventuality

A possible catch in the offing, you cast at exactly the right spot and jackpot! Lots of commotion, and after a hefty struggle, an Amberjack weighing over 15 kg!!!

Sunset in the south of the Sutanate of Oman, at Salalah : Oman GT Fishing Charters or a Fishing trip Oman
Chill out while watching a beautiful sunset

After all the fighting and excitement, what better than to settle down on a terrace with a nice cup of tea!!!

How to catch a GT during a fishing trip in southern Oman

Every angler has his own technique for catching Giant Trevally. We use the same gear for both rock and boat fishing. Here’s the gear we would recommend to you, tried and tested by our team.

Fishing gear:
- Fisherman Monster CC 75 GT rod
- Daiwa Saltiga GT 86 rod
- Daiwa Saltiga 6000 GT reel
- Jerry Brown Solid Braid braided line: 100 lbs
- Jerry Brown Solid Braid braided line: 130 lbs
- Hi-Seas Grand Slam Nylon Leader 300 lbs
- Double sleeves
- Welded rings minimum 300 lbs
- Split rings 300 lbs

- Pro-Hunter GT Minnow
- Heru Wahoo 150 / 125
- Heru Bobara 100
- Flashmer GT Minnow
- Bertox Tuna 18
- Heru Cubera 180
- Heru Cubera 125
- Fisherman S-POP 130 hp tail
- Fisherman S-POP 200 hp tail
- Fisherman Big Mouth 130hp tail
- Fisherman Big Mouth 200 hp tail
- Halco Roosta 195
- Bertox Tuna 18
- Dumbell Pop 200 etc...

Treble hooks:
- Decoy GT Special in sizes 6/0 , 8/0 and 10/0
- Owner ST76 size 5/0 (it is Owner’s largest treble hook, although the Giant Trevally has been known to break it at the first rush)
- Shogun Extreme in sizes 8/0 and 10/0

Rig model:

You can take inspiration from this small tutorial detailing our rigs. We would recommend the extremely strong, self-tightening Pr Knot to attach the braided line to the trace:

Use a Pr Knot to obtain the best possible braided line to trace knot connection.
Tool used to tie a Pr Knot

We would recommend using a trace at least 1.5 m long.

Here is a photo of the rig; it consists of a Hi-Seas Grand Slam Nylon Leader 300 lbs, a Double Brass Sleeve Tube ST-S-6020 (2.6 x 5.5 x 10 mm), a Varivas welded ring 300 lbs Ø : 9 mm and a Varivas split ring: 300 lbs Ø : 11 mm.

A complete Giant Trevally rig
A complete Giant Trevally rig: The end...

Here is a Heru Cubera 180 lure, utilized during a 2 hr rock fishing expedition.

A Heru Cubera 180 lure after 2 hours of rock fishing, during a fishing holiday in Oman.
A Heru Cubera 180 lure after 2 hours of rock fishing, during a fishing trip to the south of the Sultanate of Oman

It was instrumental in the landing of two Giant Trevallies, one weighing 15 kg and the other 22 kg!!!

A Giant Trevally weighing 15 kg caught off rocks during a Shore fishing holiday in Oman by GT Fishing Oman, who organise in the southern fishing charters Oman
A Giant Trevally weighing 22 kg caught off rocks during a Shore Fishing Oman, power by GT Fishing Oman who are specialised in Southern Fishing Oman


Clic on this link to see all the prices for a GT fishing Oman trips

Fishing in Oman

All the mountings for fishing :

- GT or Giant Trevally

- Stingray

- Bluefish, Grupper, Amberjack, Tuna

Hitparade of «Trophy Fish» :

- GT / Giant Trevally

- Grouper

- Stingray

- Amberjack

- Tuna


- on the island of Al Hallaniyat

- in a room on the coast

- in private ' Hawar Lodge ' on the coast

- Camping in the wild