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Fishing Oman GT ( Giant Trevally ) weighing over 60 kg caught in south of Oman
Sport fishing in an authentic setting

See how you measure up against Giant Trevallies weighing over 60 kg, prepare your poppers and sharpen your fishing hooks!!!

Shore Fishing Oman : shore fishing on the coast, on the beach of Oman and catch Stingrays and Guitarfish weighing over 100 kg
Come and fish on a white sandy beach

Could you land a Stingray or a Guitarfish weighing over 100 kg, adrenaline and cramps guaranteed!!!

A Grouper weighing over 25 kg caught in the south of Oman by GT Oman Fishing, organization Fishing Charters Oman
Whether alone or in a group, come and experience Extreme fishing for yourself

Jigging is fun, slip on your shoulder harness, put on your gloves and lower your line, whatís keeping you from hoisting up that Grouper!!!

A Caranx ignobilis, or Giant Trevally, or GT weighing more than 50 kg caught in Oman
Your fishing rod at the ready, are you all set for some serious thrills?

Your reelís locked, your stickbait dips into the water, 2 or 3 bites and then all hell breaks loose, you go head-to-head with over 50 kg of muscle: a Giant Trevally

An Amberjack weighing more than 15 kg caught in Oman by Fishing Southern Oman for a Shore fishing
You study the horizon, prepared for every eventuality

A possible catch in the offing, you cast at exactly the right spot and jackpot! Lots of commotion, and after a hefty struggle, an Amberjack weighing over 15 kg!!!

Sunset in the south of the Sutanate of Oman, at Salalah : Oman GT Fishing Charters or a Fishing trip Oman
Chill out while watching a beautiful sunset

After all the fighting and excitement, what better than to settle down on a terrace with a nice cup of tea!!!

Different fishing techniques practiced in Oman

Shore fishing:


This fishing technique is practiced all year round and requires very strong equipment. Stingrays and Guitar Rays swim in tight schools along the coast, and itís not unusual to come across Bull Sharks either. Depending on the season, you can also encounter schools of Bluefish. When youíre fishing for them, a spike rod holder isnít needed because they bite nonstop: you simply donít have time to put your rod down! When this happens, itís best to wear a jigging belt if you donít want a bruised loin when they bite!!!

We would advise you to fish with a 600-800 g rod, a 100 lb braided line and a Daiwa 6000 GT reel (or equivalent). Thatís the type of gear we go fishing with. We recommend using a 150 g grapple sinker. We generally use a sliding sinker so that the fish feel the least possible resistance. Itís not rare for the rod to come out of the spike holder, because there is a powerful rush when you get a bite. Please note that it is important de closely examine the knots before each cast. Ideally, you should use a trace of at least 120/100 with a minimum length of 1 m. We would suggest using sleeves and long-shaft hooks 8/0-10/0.

Donít forget to take spare braided line: we had a case where a fishing session lasted all of 20 minutes! We were quietly fishing, waiting for a biteÖ. Suddenly, we got one! The rod was practically out of its spike holder when Tomy managed to get hold of it and the fight lasted until the fish made away with the whole spool of braided line! It was impossible to curb it. The material was so hot that Tomy wasnít able to keep his hand on the brake. He was sure it was a Bull shark, he used half a bonito as bait.

A Stingray weighing 130 kg caught during a shore fishing oman in the southern Oman, Fishing Oman is an activity by GT Fishing Oman for an extreme fishing trip
A Giant Trevally weighing 22 kg caught off rocks in the southern Oman, during a shore fishing charters Oman by GT fishing Oman

Rock fishing with bait

The majority of Omanis go handline fishing; the diameter of the wire can vary from 60/100 to 160/100 depending on the type of fish they are aiming to catch. They twirl the line above their heads to help them throw the bait as far as possible, and they use a fixed or slip sinker rig.

For bait fishing, we would advise you to equip yourself with a 2.20-2.40 m rod with a minimum strength of 50 lbs, otherwise you run the risk of it breaking. Thatís what happened, as you can see in the following photos, to this Smith Exo 30 lb rod and this Shimano wild Romance rod, broken at the grip. Note that the Shimano broke following a rush which lasted less than 3 secondsÖ. As for the reel, we would recommend at least a 5500, equipped with PE5 or PE6 braided line. As regards traces, choose the Shock Leader 80/100, 120/100, 300 lbs if you want to tease a Giant Trevally!!! When it comes to hooks, we would suggest you use a long-shaft hook: 3/0 to 10/0; if need be, you could even use a 11/0.

In the Sultanate, the Omani fishermen assemble their wire traces at sunset, because thatís when the large fish, emerging from the deep sea, gather along the coast to feed. The Shock Leader 120/100 withstands a single catch, since Amberjack and Grouper have teeth which rapidly damage the traces. It is therefore wise to check the state of the trace before each new cast. The local fishermen often use sardines and cuttlefish to catch these large fish.

A 6kg Bluefish caught with bait from the rocks during a fishing trip to Oman
Bluefish caught in the southern Oman during a shore fishing charters Oman

Lure fishing off the rocks

For light lure fishing, we would advise you to equip yourself with a 2-2.4 m rod with a minimum resistance of 30 lbs, equipped with PE3 braided line. As for reels, a 4500 would be suitable. It is important to ensure that your brake is properly adjusted; that will help you safeguard your rod. We would recommend lures weighing at least 40 g; this will allow you to attain the necessary distances to be within reach of the schools of fish.
We would advise you to bring traces starting from 80/100 in the Shock Leader range.

For classic lure fishing, you should equip yourself with a 50 lb rod at least 2.2-2.4 m long, PE5 or PE6 braided line Ė 50 to 60 lbs Ė a Daiwa 5500 (minimum) and a Shimano 8000 reel. We would advise you to use fairly heavy lures of at least 40 g, which will allow you to cast over long distances.
We would also recommend that you bring some floating and sinking stickbait. This type of lure can be used to catch Grouper, Amberjack, and even Giant Trevally. It is possible to catch Giant Trevally from the rocks. You will have to equip yourself with a rod with a resistance of at least 110 lbs, a 100 lb braided line, a reel equivalent to a Daiwa 6000 GT, and a 300 lb trace. We would strongly advise you to use a jigging belt, because when the braided line snaps, itís not uncommon for the rod grip to hit you in the groin...So watch out for bruises!!! You should include 180 mm mini poppers and stickbait of at least 180 mm as part of your gear. We would advise you to use the extremely reliable Pr knot to attach the trace to the braided line. As for the assembly of the Shock Leader with a welded ring, you should use sleeves with a minimum resistance of 300 lbs and split rings of at least 300 lbs
All this gear may seem oversized, but when you have shod a powerful monster such as the Giant Trevally, you will see how sorely tested your gear is!

In action! GT trevally chase a school of fish along the beach
A Giant Trevally weighing 15 kg caught off rocks in the southern of Oman during a GT shore fishing Oman charters

Boat fishing

Boat fishing along the coast

When boat fishing along the coast, we would advise you to have a spinning rod equipped with a Tuna lure at hand at all times. Indeed, itís important to be quick on the draw when a school of Tuna surfaces. You can use the same type of gear as that used for lure fishing off the rocks. We wouldnít advise you to use equipment with a power of less than 30 lbs.

It is possible to go trolling. In this case you should opt for whistler jigs and other surface lures. You could also try to fish with plugs such as large Rapala or Storms, but most of the time whistler jigs are more effective. Donít forget to bring some floating and sinking stickbait weighing at least 40 g. You will also be able to use bait such as sardines or cuttlefish.

Jigging is very effective and allows you to measure up against Yellowfin Trevally, Black spotted Trevally, Grouper and Amberjack of which there is a profusion. It is important to equip yourself with a jigging rod with a minimum weight of 80 g and a maximum weight of 600 g. Indeed, the bottoms are shallow along the coast. We would recommend that you take long jigs with a minimum weight of 80 g, 150 g, 200 g and a maximum weight of 400 g.
If you come across a school of Amberjack, it is crucial that you renew your Assist Hook after every dozen fish. These monsters really do have teeth! They can quickly damage the Assist Hooksí protective covers. To be honest, we replace them so often that we end up using steel wire instead!

You will have the chance to go live bait fishing. We recommend that you use large bonitos if you want to have the pleasure of going head to head with a monster!

Finally, it is possible to shad fish, the disadvantage being that it only withstands one attack. And if you are unlucky (or lucky) enough to come across a King Mackerel, your shad will be cut into several pieces faster than you can blink.

Around the coast, during a fishing oman travel we catch Blackhead Seabream. The fishing charters Oman is powered by Fishon Tour for a no boundaries extreme fishing trip
Talang Queenfish weighing 4.5 kg and 5 kg caught in the south of Oman during a fishing oman charters

Sport fishing off a boat around the Al Hallaniyat Islands

All these fishing techniques can be practiced around the Al Hallaniyat Islands where the waters are teeming with an enormous variety of fish. Omani fishermen frequently go there to catch powerful colossuses like the Giant Trevally or huge fish like Dolphinfish, Kingfish, Brown Grouper, Black Porgy, Longtail and Bigeye Tuna, as well as many other types of Tuna. It is indeed a popular route for these bands of fish because of the strong currents which can be found there. The zone around these islands is ideal for fishing.

The recommended gear is identical to that used for boat fishing expeditions along the coast, except for the special gear needed to confront Giant Trevally. It is worth noting, however, that it is not the same as coastal fishing, in as much as you will be sport fishing around islands which are still unspoiled. To take on these large fish, opt for a 130 lb powerful, sturdy rod, a Daiwa 6000 GT reel or its equivalent, a 100 lb braided line and a 300 lb trace.

The waters around the islands are teeming with fish Ė you can admire them as they swim, jump and hunt; a very impressive sight indeed.

Big GT more than 40kg, it was catch during a fishing charters Oman
During an fishing charters Oman travel, come and catch big GT (Giant Trevally) more than 40kg
A big grouper estimated at 90 kg for 1.60 to 1.70m, it was cut in two by a shark during a fishing oman charter in the southern oman

Fishing in Oman

All the mountings for fishing :

- GT or Giant Trevally

- Stingray

- Bluefish, Grupper, Amberjack, Tuna

Hitparade of ęTrophy FishĽ :

- GT / Giant Trevally

- Grouper

- Stingray

- Amberjack

- Tuna


- on the island of Al Hallaniyat

- in a room on the coast

- in private ' Hawar Lodge ' on the coast

- Camping in the wild