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Fishing Oman GT ( Giant Trevally ) weighing over 60 kg caught in south of Oman
Sport fishing in an authentic setting

See how you measure up against Giant Trevallies weighing over 60 kg, prepare your poppers and sharpen your fishing hooks!!!

Shore Fishing Oman : shore fishing on the coast, on the beach of Oman and catch Stingrays and Guitarfish weighing over 100 kg
Come and fish on a white sandy beach

Could you land a Stingray or a Guitarfish weighing over 100 kg, adrenaline and cramps guaranteed!!!

A Grouper weighing over 25 kg caught in the south of Oman by GT Oman Fishing, organization Fishing Charters Oman
Whether alone or in a group, come and experience Extreme fishing for yourself

Jigging is fun, slip on your shoulder harness, put on your gloves and lower your line, whatís keeping you from hoisting up that Grouper!!!

A Caranx ignobilis, or Giant Trevally, or GT weighing more than 50 kg caught in Oman
Your fishing rod at the ready, are you all set for some serious thrills?

Your reelís locked, your stickbait dips into the water, 2 or 3 bites and then all hell breaks loose, you go head-to-head with over 50 kg of muscle: a Giant Trevally

An Amberjack weighing more than 15 kg caught in Oman by Fishing Southern Oman for a Shore fishing
You study the horizon, prepared for every eventuality

A possible catch in the offing, you cast at exactly the right spot and jackpot! Lots of commotion, and after a hefty struggle, an Amberjack weighing over 15 kg!!!

Sunset in the south of the Sutanate of Oman, at Salalah : Oman GT Fishing Charters or a Fishing trip Oman
Chill out while watching a beautiful sunset

After all the fighting and excitement, what better than to settle down on a terrace with a nice cup of tea!!!

Advice on fishing gear

You will find on this page all our advice on, and references for the gear that we use during our fishing expeditions in the south of the Sultanate of Oman.

Before choosing your equipment, you must first know what you want: to fish, or to watch others fishing because your gear wasnít adapted or is already broken!!!

What to pack:

Letís look at a concrete example: you have decided to fly with Qatar Airways, and when you consult their website, you discover that your baggage allowance is restricted to 30 kg. If you plan on carrying your rod in a tube, it would have to weigh no more than 10 kg to avoid paying for excess baggage. According to our calculations, your tube, holding at least 3 fishing rods, would weigh around 6 kg. If you count the tube, you only have 24 kg left. Your suitcase weighs at least 5 kg, so you only have 19 kg for all your reels, lures, pinchers, etc. Thatís not a lot when you consider that a jig alone can weigh 400 gÖ
You have a 7 kg hand luggage allowance, and quite often you can also take a handbag, which is extremely practical for cramming in more gear, your tablet, camera, etc. And when you register your luggage, nothing prevents you from stuffing your pockets! Our extensive travel experience has led us to use mainly travel rods which can be put directly into a suitcase.

If you intend to go surfcasting, itís going to be more complicated, because rods you can dismantle and fit into a suitcase are simply not powerful enough. Most of the time, when we arrive, we are asked the same question: ďBut where are your fishing rods? Have you come to Oman without any gear?Ē and we reply: ďOf course not, all our fishing rods are in our suitcases!!!Ē And thatís when most fishermen give us the classic reply: multi-element rods arenít great, you donít get the same sensations, thereís less resistance and so onÖ. If you decide to come with travel rods, we would advise you to bring a 86 cm Samsonite Spinner. It is enormous and very light, expensive to buy, but it will last for years if you look after it.

As you know, your suitcases are thrown about during loading operations; we would therefore advise you to wrap your suitcase in transparent cling film before each departure. It takes a little time, itís a bit laborious, but your suitcase will last much longer.

If you opt for a transport tube, we would recommend the very robust SPORTUE, which has never given us any problems. On the other hand, we wouldnít recommend that you use this one: . We wonít give you the brand name, but will simply tell you that the door clasps break and that even the top part has been known to break.

Fishing gear for bait fishing off the rocks:

we would recommend a 30-60 lb rod, measuring about 2.40 m. If it weighs less than 30 lbs, thereís a risk that it will break. Thatís what happened with this Shimano wildromance STC 240 rod Ė a magnificent rod, but it broke after a 3 second struggle.

 Shimano Wild Romance STC Pelagic Offshore Fishing Rod, 240. The fishing rod broke during a fight that lasted 3sec !!!
 Smith Dragonbait Seabass Exojerk 7'' Fishing Rod, that broke during a fight !!!

We use a Zenaq Rouf Expedition 83S rod. It really is the ultimate in fishing rods: great rod action, and exceptionally comfortable to handle. If you fancy checking it out for yourself, just go into a shop and give it a try! Weíve tried other brands and there really is a world of difference, especially when it comes to resistance. You can easily land a 30 kg Amberjack. If anyone says to you ďthatís impossible, itís bound to breakĒ, just ignore them and prove them wrong! You can also happily use a Tenryu All Rod Hurlante or Rugissante rod; itís good, sturdy gear.

Reels: we would recommend, above all else, a Daiwa Saltiga, or even a Shimano Stella. You may ask why. In fact, itís very simple: this type of reel is simply first class! The main difference between them lies in their level of robustness. For instance, if you send a Shimano for revision, you can expect a hefty bill! Most of the time, the ball bearings have to be changed, whereas with the Daiwa model a simple clean and greasing is generally all that is required.
To maintain your reel in good condition, donít forget to rince it after every fishing expedition if you can Ė it only takes 5 minutes, but it will save you a lot of money in the long run. When it comes to reels, we would recommend a Daiwa Saltiga 5500H expedition (itís a bomb!) or a Simano Stella SW 8000.

Braided line: there are quite a few brands to choose from: Varivas, YGK, Power Pro, etc. We tested a couple of models: Varivas avani Premium Jigging 10x10 PE4 or even PE5; YGK CASTMAN X8 62 lbs PE4; YGK JIG MAN X8 62 lbs PE4Ö.(Power Pro isnít given a mention).
Based on the results of these tests, we would recommend that you take a Jerry Brown Solid Braid braided line: 65 lbs. It is cheaper than a Varivas or a YGK and, whatís more, you will have enough braided line left over to reload your reel. As the saying goes, ďOnce youíve tried it, youíll fall for it hook, line and sinkerĒ: it is fine, soft, has no memory, doesnít swell, doesnít weaken in water and, above all, is wonderful to cast!

Traces: we would recommend using Nylon Asso Classic in 80/100 and 120/100. It is very flexible and you can of course take Fluorocarbon or Shock Leader Varivas or YGK for more discretion. If you fish at night, we would recommend that you take some steel wire, for example some Mustad 7x7 steel wire 90 lbs, which is very supple and has little memory, as well as some 175 lb wire. This type of stainless steel wire has 49 strands and is good value for money. Donít forget to bring some double sleeves.

Swivels: use swivels such as the Owner King stainless swivel Nį5 to attach the braided line to the trace.
Sinkers: we would recommend using olive sinkers ranging from 60 g to75 g.

Hooks: you should favour long-shaft hooks. We would suggest the Vmc O'SHAUGNESSY 9255 hooks in 6/0, 7/0, 8/0 and 9/0.

In action! GT trevally chase a school of fish along the beach
A Giant Trevally weighing 15 kg caught off rocks in the southern of Oman during a GT shore fishing Oman charters

Fishing gear for surfcasting from the beach

We would recommend the Mitchel Mag Pro Elite Africa fishing rod 600-800 g. When you get back, it is important to give it a good clean and to grease the rings with a product like WD40 because otherwise the rings tend to rust. We would recommend using a reel such as the Daiwa Saltiga 6000 GT or its equivalent, equipped with a Jerry Brown Solid Braid braided line: 100 lbs (see paragraph 2 for the choice of braided line), and some non-detachable 150 g grapple hooks, but mostly of this type:

We would advise you to use a sliding rig. Donít forget to take beads to maintain the knot between the braided line and the swivel. We would recommend:
- Swivels: Owner King stainless swivel Nį3 (100 kg)
- Traces: Nylon Asso Classic 120/100,
- Steel wire: Mustad 7x7 steel 90 lbs or 175 lbs
- Hooks: Vmc O'SHAUGNESSY 9255 8/0 or 9/0, or Circle Hooks 8/0

A Stingray weighing 130 kg caught during a shore fishing oman in the southern Oman, Fishing Oman is an activity by GT Fishing Oman for an extreme fishing trip
Shore fishing Oman in Hasik, village of Oman fisherman in the southern of oman during a fishing charters oman

Fishing gear for lure fishing off the rocks

We would advise you to use the same type of rod, reel and braided line as you would for bait fishing.
The Pr Knot is the very best one to attach the braided line to the trace. Choose a split ring rather than a clip as, from time to time, the clips open under the pressure of the fish.

We would recommend Tuna lures for long distance casting. There are loads of them, but we would suggest the Jackson Pintail Tune EZ Lure 11.5 cm - 45 g and the Jackson Pintail lure 10 cm - 48 g. As for colour, choose a sardine-coloured one.
We would advise you to replace the treble hooks by Owner ST66 Nį2 or Nį1 hooks behind the lure. Sometimes, we even rig a 1/0 behind it, but it breaks the lureís swimming action. Moreover, donít forget to bring stickbaits, spoon lures, small casting jigs, etc.

A Moray eel measuring over 1.20 m caught with bait during a southern fishing oman trip. GT Fishing Oman organize no boundaries for extreme fishing charters Oman Trip
A 6kg Bluefish caught with bait from the rocks during a fishing trip to Oman

Fishing gear for Boat fishing along the coast and around the Al Hallaniyats Islands:

When it comes to boat fishing, we recommend that you use the same type of rod, reel and braided line as you would for bait or lure rock fishing.

You can also take a jigging rod with you. If you opt for a travel rod, we have tested the Shimano Jigwrex S.T.C, and found it to be satisfactory with no particular problems. Our personal favourite, however, is the Fisherman Spinoza Short 5122 T rod, a real gem, and totally unbreakable. With this kind of rod, you will be able to go jigging for hours on end, no problem. We also tested the Tenryu Fiber Jig rod, as well as the Tenryu Big fiber Jig rod Ė good gear. We also got good results with the Daiwa Saltiga GT86 rod, itís a safe bet and cheap at that.

To this type of rod we fit a Saltiga 5000 equipped with PE5 or PE6 braided line. We would suggest you use Varivas Avani Premium Jigging 10x10 PE5 or PE6 braided line, itís perfect. Choose a Pr Knot to attach the trace to the braided line.

You can use Nylon Asso Classic 80/100 and 120/100 for the trace, and of course a Shock Leader or a fluorocarbon line. To link up the jig and the trace, favour a sleeve rig with a welded ring or a swivel rig with a split ring. The whole set-up must be homogenous Ė we recommend around 70 lbs of resistance.

We use Williamson Benthos Speed 150-400 g blue or pink jigs. During a fishing expedition around the island of Al Hasikiyah, we landed no less than 180 kg of Amberjack in 5 hrs! We also use Williamson Vortex and Abyss 150-400 g jigs, as well as Hart Long Blade 150-400 g jigs. As concerns the size of the Assist Hooks, you should use hooks ranging from 6/0 to 11/0 or even bigger if you encounter monster-sized fish. If you fancy teasing a Giant Trevally, youíll have to equip yourself with fairly solid equipment capable of withstanding the most furious of charges.

Thereís an enormous variety of brands and types of equipment:
- A Fisherman Monster CC 75 GT rod: Once youíve tried it, you wonít want to part with it! Itís a real gem!
- A Daiwa 6000 GT reel: itís indestructible, a real hoist!
- A Jerry Brown Solid Braid braided line: 100 lbs Ė donít bring an 80 lb line, it has been known to snap at the first rush. Choose at least a 100 lb line and doní forget to pack a 130 lb line in your suitcase for the biggest fish. Buy a 540 m spool of 100 lb braided line: that will allow you to fill your reel and to have some spare in your suitcase.
- A Pr Knot to attach the trace to the braided line
- Hi-Seas Grand Slam 300 lb traces: you should use at least a 300 lb trace.
- The rig includes a sleeve and a welded ring with a resistance of at least 300 lbs.
- We fitted a split ring between the lure and the welded ring to allow us to rapidly change the lure.

Similarly, there is an impressive variety of lures. Here are our favourites:
- Pro-Hunter GT Minnow
- Heru Wahoo 150 / 125
- Heru Bobara 100
- Flashmer GT Minnow
- Bertox Tuna 18
- Heru Cubera 180
- Heru Cubera 125
- Fisherman S-POP 130 hp tail
- Fisherman S-POP 200 hp tail
- Fisherman Big Mouth 130hp tail
- Fisherman Big Mouth 200 hp tail etc...

You will also be able to go trolling. We recommend that you use surface lures and plugs for this. For live bait fishing, we recommend using a bonito of around 1 kg if you want to reel in some heavyweight fish.

An happy client, he have catch a big GT 42kg with a Popper Heru Cubera 180mm, during a fishing oman trip in the southern of Oman
A big grouper estimated at 90 kg for 1.60 to 1.70m, it was cut in two by a shark during a fishing oman charter in the southern oman

Fishing in Oman

All the mountings for fishing :

- GT or Giant Trevally

- Stingray

- Bluefish, Grupper, Amberjack, Tuna

Hitparade of ęTrophy FishĽ :

- GT / Giant Trevally

- Grouper

- Stingray

- Amberjack

- Tuna


- on the island of Al Hallaniyat

- in a room on the coast

- in private ' Hawar Lodge ' on the coast

- Camping in the wild