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Fishing Oman GT ( Giant Trevally ) weighing over 60 kg caught in south of Oman
Sport fishing in an authentic setting

See how you measure up against Giant Trevallies weighing over 60 kg, prepare your poppers and sharpen your fishing hooks!!!

Shore Fishing Oman : shore fishing on the coast, on the beach of Oman and catch Stingrays and Guitarfish weighing over 100 kg
Come and fish on a white sandy beach

Could you land a Stingray or a Guitarfish weighing over 100 kg, adrenaline and cramps guaranteed!!!

A Grouper weighing over 25 kg caught in the south of Oman by GT Oman Fishing, organization Fishing Charters Oman
Whether alone or in a group, come and experience Extreme fishing for yourself

Jigging is fun, slip on your shoulder harness, put on your gloves and lower your line, what’s keeping you from hoisting up that Grouper!!!

A Caranx ignobilis, or Giant Trevally, or GT weighing more than 50 kg caught in Oman
Your fishing rod at the ready, are you all set for some serious thrills?

Your reel’s locked, your stickbait dips into the water, 2 or 3 bites and then all hell breaks loose, you go head-to-head with over 50 kg of muscle: a Giant Trevally

An Amberjack weighing more than 15 kg caught in Oman by Fishing Southern Oman for a Shore fishing
You study the horizon, prepared for every eventuality

A possible catch in the offing, you cast at exactly the right spot and jackpot! Lots of commotion, and after a hefty struggle, an Amberjack weighing over 15 kg!!!

Sunset in the south of the Sutanate of Oman, at Salalah : Oman GT Fishing Charters or a Fishing trip Oman
Chill out while watching a beautiful sunset

After all the fighting and excitement, what better than to settle down on a terrace with a nice cup of tea!!!

Fishing charter around Al Hallaniyat in the south Oman

Fishon Tour proposes 9-10 hour fishing expeditions around the islands, programmed on a day-to-day basis depending on the fishing technique and the spot you have chosen. During the gt fishing charters you can make popping, jigging, trolling and light tackle, all fishing techniques producing excellent results. As you know Oman is a special place where you can expect catching very big GT.

An happy client, he have catch a big GT 42kg with a Popper Heru Cubera 180mm, during a fishing oman trip in the southern of Oman
During an fishing charters Oman travel, come and catch big GT (Giant Trevally) more than 40kg
Big GT more than 40kg, it was catch during a fishing charters Oman
An impressive Maori Snapper catching around the island during a GT fishing charters oman

You will be met at Salalah airport by one of our guides. Throughout your stay, you will be accompanied by one of our skippers who will also advise you on the best fishing spots and techniques: popper fishing, jigging, trolling…

We would like to point out to you that the guides and skippers only speak Arabic and English, however if a problem arises, it will be possible to contact someone who speaks your native language.

On your arrival in Oman you will transferred in a Four-Wheel Drive to a fishing village called ‘Hassik’, which will be the departure point for all your fishing expeditions. You should reckon with a 2h-2h30 drive to cover the 200 km from Salalah to Hassik.

The type of four-wheel drive used to take you to the various fishing spots

You will be settled into a double room (single rooms are an optional extra) to allow you to unpack your stuff and to prepare your fishing gear.

Rooms are air conditioned and well equipped.
It is possible to get access to Internet via the 3G and 4G network; you only have to arrange it with your guide or skipper.

Welcome in '' Hawar Lodge '' in the south of Oman, for a very fishing charters
Picture of one of the sleeping room in Hawar Lodge
Picture of the dining room
Another photo of the dining room
Kitchen of Hawar Lodge, where our chef will cook every day good fresh foods
Picture of the first bathroom
Picture of the second bathroom
View from the room in Hassik

To avoid wasting time, the guide or skipper could perhaps take you to fish at your chosen spot, so don’t forget to prepare your first fishing expedition during the transfer.

All departures for the islands leave from Hassik.

You will be taken aboard an 11 m long boat equipped with two 200 CV engines. It is a 30 minute boat ride to the first island, Al Hasikiyah Island, 20 minutes to get to Sawda Island, then 10 minutes to reach Al Hallaniyat Island.

The boat for Fishing charters Oman that we used during Sport fishing charters holidays in the southern Oman, 37ft with 2 x Yamaha 200cv motor = 400cv
The boat that GT Fishing Oman team used during Sport fishing charters holidays in the south of Oman, 37ft with 2 x Yamaha 200cv motor
The boat for Fishing Oman holidays, 11,5m of lengh, with good electronic, with 2 x Yamaha 200cv motor = 400cv. A special boat for no boundaries for extreme GT fishing
Very good boat for gt fishing charters Oman, 11 meters with 2 motors 200cv, good electronic

All return trips will be made at the end of the day.

The skipper will be in constant contact with other fishermen; you will be informed the instant a school of fish is spotted. On one occasion we undertook a 45 minute boat ride to reach a school of sardines which was being attacked by dozens of Yellowfin Tuna.

Your skipper has only one objective: to make you happy! To this end, he’ll take you to exceptional fishing spots and have you discover places where nature is still unspoiled, majestic and, above all, magnificent!

Every morning, your skipper will ask you for instructions regarding your day’s fishing; this will help him to quickly choose the best spots to take you to.

Thanks to years of prospecting, involving seabed mapping, depth sounding and snorkelling expeditions, our teams has catalogued more than 200 GPS points to help you in your search for large predators!

Watching an enormous school of Giant Trevally GT, Yellowtail Amberjack, Yellowdot Trevally and Queenfish on an echo sounder during a fishing charters Oman travel

Your skipper will take care of all practical arrangements: drinks, meals, all inclusive

We would like to inform you that it is not possible to get hold of alcoholic beverages – see our section on Traditions and Customs.

A Potato Grouper caught in waters off the Al Hallaniyat Islands in the southern Oman during a fishing charters oman by GT Fishing Oman, it is no boundaries for extreme fishing !!!
An Amberjack caught in waters off the Al Hallaniyat Islands in the southern of the Sultanate of Oman during a gt fishing charters oman / fishing oman
A Brown-marbled Grouper caught in waters off the Al Hallaniyat Islands in the south of the Sultanate of Oman during a fishing oman with one thing in the head : no boundaries for extreme GT fishing by GT Fishing Oman
A Grouper caught in waters off the Al Hallaniyat Islands in the southern Oman, during this fishing oman trip we have just one thing in the head : no boundaries for extreme GT fishing oman by GT Fishing Oman

Fishing in Oman

All the mountings for fishing :

- GT or Giant Trevally

- Stingray

- Bluefish, Grupper, Amberjack, Tuna

Hitparade of «Trophy Fish» :

- GT / Giant Trevally

- Grouper

- Stingray

- Amberjack

- Tuna


- on the island of Al Hallaniyat

- in a room on the coast

- in private ' Hawar Lodge ' on the coast

- Camping in the wild