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Fishing Oman GT ( Giant Trevally ) weighing over 60 kg caught in south of Oman
Sport fishing in an authentic setting

See how you measure up against Giant Trevallies weighing over 60 kg, prepare your poppers and sharpen your fishing hooks!!!

Shore Fishing Oman : shore fishing on the coast, on the beach of Oman and catch Stingrays and Guitarfish weighing over 100 kg
Come and fish on a white sandy beach

Could you land a Stingray or a Guitarfish weighing over 100 kg, adrenaline and cramps guaranteed!!!

A Grouper weighing over 25 kg caught in the south of Oman by GT Oman Fishing, organization Fishing Charters Oman
Whether alone or in a group, come and experience Extreme fishing for yourself

Jigging is fun, slip on your shoulder harness, put on your gloves and lower your line, what’s keeping you from hoisting up that Grouper!!!

A Caranx ignobilis, or Giant Trevally, or GT weighing more than 50 kg caught in Oman
Your fishing rod at the ready, are you all set for some serious thrills?

Your reel’s locked, your stickbait dips into the water, 2 or 3 bites and then all hell breaks loose, you go head-to-head with over 50 kg of muscle: a Giant Trevally

An Amberjack weighing more than 15 kg caught in Oman by Fishing Southern Oman for a Shore fishing
You study the horizon, prepared for every eventuality

A possible catch in the offing, you cast at exactly the right spot and jackpot! Lots of commotion, and after a hefty struggle, an Amberjack weighing over 15 kg!!!

Sunset in the south of the Sutanate of Oman, at Salalah : Oman GT Fishing Charters or a Fishing trip Oman
Chill out while watching a beautiful sunset

After all the fighting and excitement, what better than to settle down on a terrace with a nice cup of tea!!!

Fishing in Oman for an Extreme Fishing Experience !!!

Fishon Tour welcomes you to the region of Salalah, in the south of the Sultanate of Oman, to participate in some truly memorable Extreme fishing expeditions! With its wealth of marine species, Salalah is a dream destination for fishing enthusiasts. Set off in search of Giant Trevally ( GT ), Groupers, Stingrays, Sailfish, King Mackerel, Jacks, Barracudas, Yellowfin Tuna, Caranx ignobilis and Amberjacks. During the fishing season, from September to April, some real challenges await you.

We offer you two types of trips / charters :

- GT fishing around the island south Oman,

- Shore fishing in the southern Oman around Hassik village.

GT of 61.5 kg, caught during a GT fishing trip oman
During a fishing charters Oman, a big GT of 62kg. Come for a no boundaries for extreme fishing oman Oman
This is the boat that we use during the fishing charters oman, 35ft (11meters) and 2 x 200cv yamaha motors
The boat that GT Fishing Oman team used during Sport fishing charters holidays in the south of Oman, 35ft (11meters) with 2 x Yamaha 200cv motor
Giant Trevally GT of 61.5 kg, caught on a GT fishing trip oman
Giant Trevally GT 35 kg, caught on a fishing trip oman!!!

Geographical location and country profile


The Sultanate of Oman, land of the Frankincense and Black Gold Trails, is located on the extreme south-east tip of the Arabian Peninsula, on the shores of the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea. It is bordered by the United Arab Emirates to the northwest, Saudi Arabia to the west and Yemen to the southwest; and by the Arabian Sea to the east and south. The centre of the country consists of a vast desert plain, bordered in the north and south by mountain ranges, interrupted now and then by the odd valley and wadi where most of the cities can be found, notably Mascate in the north and Salalah in the south.

Oman possesses a wealth of magnificent landscapes straight out of the Arabian Nights. Encrusted with high mountains, lost in the desert sands and overlooking the Arabian Sea, its 1,300 kilometres of beaches form an immense lagoon, allowing you to fish for a multitude of marine species.

Map of the Sultanate of Oman: Fishing in Oman

Salalah and its surrounding region


Wild and unspoilt, Salalah and its surrounding region will delight you with its authenticity and lushness. The beauty of its coastline and its favourable climate attract people from the north. Palm groves and frankincense trees emerge from the desert. During the monsoon season, the mountains turn green, their slopes covered with streams and waterfalls. During the dry season, the arid landscape accentuates the contrast between the orange of the sand and the deep blue of the sea. The sheer variety of landscapes, the large expanses of wilderness and the magnificent mineral environment overlooking the sea are just some of the ingredients which give Salalah its unique charm.

Discover the region’s breathtaking panoramas: from the desert sands to the surrounding waters with their colours ranging from azure blue to emerald green…. Seize this opportunity to settle down on a deserted beach, far from any town or village, at a spot where the fish are the most abundant, ideal to satisfy your passion for Extreme sport fishing Oman.


Salalah: town in the south of the Sultanate of Oman

Fishing in Oman

All the mountings for fishing :

- GT or Giant Trevally

- Stingray

- Bluefish, Grupper, Amberjack, Tuna

Hitparade of «Trophy Fish» :

- GT / Giant Trevally

- Grouper

- Stingray

- Amberjack

- Tuna


- on the island of Al Hallaniyat

- in a room on the coast

- in private ' Hawar Lodge ' on the coast

- Camping in the wild